Initial states

Named groups of states can be defined for the regulatory graph and used for example as starting point for the simulation.

Initial state definition panel, in the simulation configuration dialog

Each line in the table of intial states has a name and provides a value or a range for one or more components. Components which are not restricted are denoted by stars ("*") in the table.

Each row of the table corresponds to a set of states, where activity levels are specified for each component in the corresponding table cell. Each component can use all of its possible levels (denoted by a star ("*")), a single level or any subset of levels, separated by semicolons (;). Intervals can also be defined using a dash ("0-2" denotes all levels from 0 to 2, included). The special value "m" denotes the maximal level of the component. For example, "0;2-4" means "0 or values between 2 and 4" and is identical to "0;2;3;4". "1-m" means "any activity (from 1 to the max)". The default, denoted by a "*", covers all possible values (it is thus the same as "0-m").

Initial states can be reordered, deleted and duplicated using the buttons on top of the table.

A value can be entered in many cells at once using multiple selection.