Install and Run GINsim

Availability and Requirements

GINsim 3.0 is freely available without guarantees. Please contact us for training, other support or dedicated development. The GINsim website ( provides the latest official version of the software, documentation, as well as a model library.

GINsim requires Java 8. You can obtain Java for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, and Solaris at Note that Apple used to provide its own Java version, newer versions are not supported on OSX 10.6 and older. GINsim 2.9.10 is the last version supporting Java 6, and has the same features as GINsim 3.0.

Some features of GINsim rely on external tools, such as the NuSMV model checker.

Running GINsim

Once you have obtained GINsim, you can launch it by double-click or with the command java -jar GINsim-#version.jar.

The following options are available for GINsim:

  • file: open file on startup (skip the Welcome dialog).

  • -n: start with a new regulatory graph (skip the Welcome dialog).

  • -h: help message.

  • -s: run GINsim in script mode

  • -lm : Let the bioLQM library parse the command line arguments.

  • --dev : enables some experimental features still in under development.

  • -py : launch a server for the py4j python gateway (used for scripting in the Python Notebook).

  • The JAVA virtual machine provide many options, in particular GINsim can benefit from extending the amount of memory available, with the -Xmx option. For example, one can launch GINsim with 1000MB of memory using java -Xmm1000M -jar GINsim-#version.jar.