Petri Net Export

Regulatory graphs can be exported into discrete Petri net using the rewriting method described in Chaouiya 2006.

In the "File -> Export" menu, a "Petri Net" submenu permits to choose one of three supported Petri net representations: INA, PNML and APNN. Choosing any of these representations, opens a configuration dialog box which presents a list of options to be considered in the export. These include modifications such as model perturbations or reductions, or the definition of a set of initial states.

The Petri Net export dialog

The Petri Net export dialog box allows to select the export format, the initial markup and the mutant to apply before exporting. The initial markup can be generated from an existing initial state of the model (modifications made in this dialog are also applied to the simulation settings); only the first selected state is used.

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